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35th Anniversary Virtual Tasting Discovery Pack

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Join us in celebration of our 35th anniversary as we take you on a colourful journey of flavour discovery. We’ve created a limited-edition Discovery Pack containing five hand-selected whiskies which Master Brand Ambassador John McCheyne will be introducing in a special tasting at The Vaults on 24 September. And for this first time ever, you can join him, no matter where you are in the world!

Simply grab a Discovery Pack and log on to www.facebook.com/thesmwsuk at 7pm on the 24th to take part in the tasting from the comfort of your home. Join us on your own or with a group of friends, its up to you! Either way you can get involved in the conversation and share photos of your tasting experience using #SWMSat35

Pack includes;

29.249 Sweet black tea in the surgery • Heavily Peated • 2nd fill ex-PX hogshead • 21 years

35.214 Without pretence • Sweet, Fruity & Mellow • 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel • 22 years

63.49 In the dark of the abyss • Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits • Refill ex-oloroso butt • 11 years

93.94 The final trawl • Oily & Coastal • Refill ex-bourbon barrel • 15 years

135.6 Cones vs crones • Spicy & Dry • 2nd fill ex-bourbon hogshead • 10 years

Packs are priced at £35 and give you all the whiskies you’ll need to take part in our special tasting, so don’t miss out on this unique experience. And while we know you’ll be keen to pop these exceptional whiskies right away, try to resist and keep them safe until the 24th!