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Austrian Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access and order SMWS whiskies?
  • SMWS releases 20+ whiskies on the First Friday of each month.
  • Members can visit https://de.smws.com or call +44 (0)131 555 2929 from 9am UK-time to order. We have an Austrian-speaking member of the team waiting for your contact.
  • SMWS delivers your special whiskies direct to your door typically within 2-4 days.
What are the SMWS benefits for Austrian members?
  • Members get access to 20+ new whiskies each month, which we will delivery directly to your door, typically within 2-4 days.
  • Members can attend regular local SMWS tastings and you can also bring guests. We host events in Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Graz, Mariazell, Steyr, Innsbruck, Rankweil and Wolfsberg. Check out the Austrian tastings at https://de.smws.com/events/locations/austria which is regularly updated.
  • Members can visit local SMWS Partner bars Hotel Drei Hasen (Mariazell), Hotel Murtalerhof (Stadl an der Mur), The Highlander Pub (Sobieskiplatz, Vienna) and Rupp’s Bar (Vienna) to sample SMWS malts at preferential dram prices. We also encourage you to explore our international newtork of hand-picked SMWS Partner Bars https://www.smws.com/blog/news/smws-international-partner-bars.
  • Members can visit SMWS at local whisky festivals, which we will inform you about via email and on Facebook – follow us at www.facebook.com/SMWSAustria.
  • Members are welcome to visit The Vaults and other UK Members Rooms.
How do SMWS tastings work?
  • Your local Ambassadors Jutta and Thomas, typically present 5 new whiskies from the upcoming outturn.
  • Members at the tastings are usually the first members to sample these new whiskies.
  • Members can purchases a small quantity of these whiskies on a seccret website before they are released to all members on the First Friday of the month BUT you have to be quick.
How do we communicate with Austrian members?
  • We send weekly emails with the latest single cask offers, new products and tasting event information; Unfiltered magazine will be posted, once a quarter, to your address; We invite you to chat on www.facebook.com/SMWSAustria or call and email (memberservices@smws.com) the team from 9am UK-time at +44 (0)131 555 2929 to discuss your next whisky order and membership. We have an Austrian-speaking member of the team waiting for your contact.
Who are the Austrian SMWS Ambassadors?
  • Local Ambassadors Jutta and Thomas Unterguggenberger are here to guide you through the various Society bottlings and special events that membership affords you, so please contact them on jutta.unterguggenberger@smws.com if you have any questions or requests.
  • Watch out for Jutta and Thomas' whisky recommendations from the latest outturn in the member emails and on www.facebook.com/SMWSAustria
How do I renew my membership?
  • We will email you a reminder when your membership renewal is due but you can renew at any time. Just log in to https://de.smws.com , select Membership from top navigation of the website and choose Renew Membership product.
  • Or simply log in and click on RENEW at the top of the page next to your details.
  • We will also offer you renewal whisky offers which will be communicated in your reminder email as well as early-bird offer on renewal price.
How do I contact the Society in Austria?