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Three in a row

What better way to enter the new year than with further recognition for the consistently outstanding quality of our whiskies, by picking up our third consecutive title of Independent Bottler of the Year in Whisky Magazine’s Independent Bottlers’ Challenge (IBC) competition. The award makes it an unprecedented three-in-a-row for the top award, and an incredible seventh time we’ve picked up the accolade in the past 10 years.

A year of Accolades

This Society’s latest award as Independent Bottler of the Year for 2019 comes on the back of a hugely impressive year of accolades, with a ‘best in show’ win in the recent Luxury Masters award as well as the Scotch Whisky Masters, along with top awards in the International Wine and Spirits Competition, the International Spirits Challenge, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

What Our Members Say

What do you like about being a Society member?

The whisky, of course. But more than that, access to the venues in London and Edinburgh and the excellent communities of society members and travellers I've met there who share a passion for premium spirits are spectacular benefits.

What do you like about being a Society member?

The obvious thing is the access to a large variety of single cask, cask strength whiskies. It's kind of liberating being able to select these based on flavour rather than being a slave to your "favourite distillery". It's exciting to think that you are getting to try something rare and unique, but at a reasonable price. Something that is difficult in the wider whisky marketplace. You get the most out of your membership when you attend tastings or other events and get to talk to other members and discuss the drams on offer or talk about what whiskies you like.It's the sense of community with like-minded individuals. Since being a member of the Society I have not stopped learning and having my horizons expanded. I always like to ask for recommendations in the Members Rooms and have rarely been disappointed with the choices of drams, many of which I may not have tried.

When did you discover the Society?

I moved to Edinburgh from Nabrežina some 9 months ago, to pursue my passion for Whisky and in a matter of weeks I discovered the Society and couldn’t help but get the membership straight away.

What do you like about being a Society member?

The main thing I enjoyed initially was exploring the breadth of each outturn and being able to discover new and interesting flavours in whisky. I have recently begun to develop a greater appreciation for the community of people I am now a part of.

When did you discover the Society?

Through my step-dad I enjoyed his collection from late teens so back in the early 2000's - I finally joined in my own right about 4 years ago when I visited the Queen Street venue and had an amazing whisky-filled dinner too!

What do you like about being a Society member?

Whisky! Visiting my friends who live in Melbourne and being able to buy them a society bottle in Whisky and Ailment, because I am a member! Never being stuck for Christmas gift ideas, whether it's to give or receive! The atmosphere as soon as we step into the society in Queen street and all our troubles are forgotten and it becomes all about conversations and trying new whisky. Meeting with my best friend, who shares the bond of loving whisky from her dad, like me. We have been friends for over 30 years and every year we meet over Christmas, birthdays and sit in Queen street like we saw each other just the other day and savour every sup of whisky we have together... And it's usually a lot!


We’ve offered members more variety than ever before this year – our spirit manager Euan Campbell counted 40 different wood types that he’s used for maturation during 2019.

And if a bumper year of industry awards is anything to go by – rounded off by our third consecutive accolade as Independent Bottler of the Year in the IBC competition – we’re making sure quality is right up there with consistency.