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‘Berries with attitude’

CASK No. GN3.8

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Whisky ABV 50.1%
Cask Type Second Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Whisky Region Hawick


Freshly cut juniper branches with a delicious, sweet and woody aroma greeted the Panel immediately, combined with the citric scent of lemon rind and orange fruit jellies as well as coriander, aniseed and angelica - a truly ‘old-fashioned’ London Dry style. On the palate; fresh, sweet spices and seriously lemony with a somewhat dry and herbal finish. With a little water the spices superseded the lemon sweetness at first, although this was soon followed by floral, slightly earthy, notes – like turning the soil in your flowerbed. A very creamy texture now, with lemon ginger spice and a peppery bite of pink peppercorns with that distinguished sweet fruity taste reminiscent of berries with attitude.