Phoebe reviews the eagerly awaited B4.2: Intense woody spice and perfumed sweetness

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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t eagerly awaiting the release of B4.2: Intense woody spice and perfumed sweetness, the Society’s second bottling of bourbon from a young Illinois distillery.

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It looks wonderfully syrupy in my glass and was a deep golden hue.

On the nose it’s just like sweet bread and butter pudding; a slice of Panettone covered in chunky sugar granules; and a hot cross buns smothered in salted butter. Desiccated coconut appears with a little time, as does nutty, spicy aromas – charred oak, fresh pine and caramel.

With water, delicate pink roses emerge, milk chocolate and glazed buns follow.

On the palate it’s sticky toffee pudding! There’s lots of brown sugar, more burnt caramel flavours and a rye-like spice – liquorice, aniseed, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla pod. It’s complex, toasty and very warming.

The milk chocolate from the nose is replaced by darker, richer chocolate on the palate. Also, it has a very pleasant dry finish to it – it’s hot and tannic which balances out all the sweetness. At the end, there’s a hint of traditional Turkish coffee, made with rosewater and served black. Delicious!

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