SMWS ambassador Hans Offringa is in the heart of whisky country for the Spirit of Speyside Festival. Here’s what he’s up to over the next few days…

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We’ve arrived at Craigellachie yesterday afternoon under stormy weather, with snow and hail going sideways!. Everyone here is gearing up for the festival. The big marquee in the car park seems even bigger than before. Good old Dave Broom just stumbled in from Miami. Charlie is on his way. We’re having fun in the library with Donald Colville and Lyndsey Gray, who looks forward to tomorrow’s SMWS dinner and cigars. We discuss the pairings. The dinner is sold out but for those who could not get a ticket, here are the drams to be savoured:

Appetizer: 36.127

With the starter: 35.179

Main course: 44.75

Dessert: 46.40

Cigar: 29.194

That’ll be fun!

On the road today to deliver some stuff at The Glenlivet I noticed they are for sale! Or did I connect the dots in a wrong manner? Anyway, I put in a bid …

Til tomorrow!