The unassuming exterior of Speyside’s Mortlach distillery gives little indication of the unusual processes inside that create the ‘Beast of Dufftown’

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There’s no visitor centre, no interactive tours, no atmospheric dunnage warehouse tastings on offer at Mortlach distillery. But take a peek inside and you’ll discover the most eccentric stillroomand bewildering production process imaginable. Unfiltered photographer Peter Sandground paid a visit for a closer look.

Mortlach dates back to 1823, although George Cowie took it over in 1853.
Mortlach's exterior might be unassuming, but it houses a surprisingly complex distillation process.
Mortlach's senior site manager Rune Molvik with the SMWS team.
Mortlach is home to an eccentric stillroom and a bewildering production process.
Senior operator Matthew Desmond talks SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell through Mortlach's unusual 2.81 times distillation process.
The 'Wee Witchie' still is fundamental in contributing to Mortlach's muscular, meaty flavours.
Senior operator Matthew Desmond inspects one of Mortlach's six washbacks.
Mortlach's worm tub condensers are also critical in defining the whisky's character.
Matthew and Euan in Mortlach's distillation control room.

Take a closer look inside Mortlach distillery with Unfiltered editor Richard Goslan and senior site manager Rune Molvik.

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