Sweden’s Bishops Arms are famed for their British pub feel, with four of the venues proud to be SMWS partner bars – including the Malmö branch run by SMWS ambassador Maja Kozul

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Wherever you go in Sweden, you’re never far from one of 41 Bishops Arms pubs spread across the country, recognized and celebrated for their British pub feel and their extensive range of single malt whisky and draught beers. Four of the Bishops Arms pubs are SMWS partner bars, in Malmö, Eskilstuna, Linköping and Gothenburg. Unfiltered caught up with Marjana ‘Maja’ Kozul, who as well as managing the Bishops Arms in Malmö is a dedicated SMWS ambassador.

Marjana ‘Maja’ Kozul manages the Bishops Arms in Malmö and is a dedicated SMWS ambassador.

Hi Maja, first of all tell us about your background and where your passion for whisky comes from?

Growing up, authentic food and drinks were always important to me and when I began working in the hospitality industry, this turned into a genuine interest in combining whisky and food. Whisky has always been my spirit of choice due to its complexity and diversity.

What’s your role with the Bishops Arms?

I’m the pub manager for Bishops Arms Gustav in Malmö, and look after its growth and development, so I’m always looking to do something new and interesting. I also carry out staff training in the field of whisky for all 41 Bishops Arms pubs across Sweden.

Give me an overview of what the Bishops Arms bars are like.

We aim to have a broad range of spirits and beers, we focus on having a local link with both drinks and food so we always adapt the pub and its range depending on its specific location in Sweden.

The entrance to the Bishops Arms in Malmö.

How many SMWS bottlings do you generally have at any one time?

Out of 350 different whiskies in the Bishops Arms Gustav in Malmö, approximately 50 are SMWS bottlings, but the number constantly changes due to new releases and Outturns and there’s always something new on the shelf.

What does being an SMWS partner bar mean to you? 

My main focus is to have good quality of all products, and becoming a partner bar for the SMWS gave me the possibility to increase the quality of whisky and offer the best whisky in the market to my guests.

What kind of reaction do you get to the SMWS bottlings?

Our customers are always impressed by the quality and exclusivity, as well as their affordable price.

A couple of regulars at the Bishops Arms enjoy a Society dram.

How is the whisky scene in in general in Sweden?

We have a very broad and knowledgeable whisky audience, with both small, medium and large whisky clubs from the southern to the northern part of Sweden.

What does your role as an SMWS ambassador involve?

Mainly it revolves around holding Outturn tastings every month for the south of Sweden and representing and promoting SMWS as the largest whisky club in that area.

Maja browses the gantry with an impressive selection of SMWS bottlings.

Finally, what makes the Bishops Arms bars special places for whisky lovers? 

With the privilege of being present in so many places in Sweden, we are able to offer a wide range of whisky in small and large cities, and at the same time we also aim to empower our staff with a strong emphasis on training and education.


Maja’s bar is at 49 Gustav Adolfs Torg in central Malmö and is one of four Bishops Arms across Sweden that are SMWS partner bars. The others are in Eskilstuna, Linköping and Gothenburg. All four bars offer SMWS members preferential deals on Society drams when they produce their membership card.

Find out more at www.bishopsarms.com


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