The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has always been about bottling whiskies from a single cask – and as ambassador Suzy Weigert told Unfiltered back in 2009, that means a celebration of one-off, untouched products

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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s unique single cask bottlings give an undeniable demonstration of just how much variation there can be within an individual distillery’s output.

Suzie Weigert, an ambassador for the Society, says the aim is to bring to Society members “all sorts of adventures and experiences, and things that are different from the norm”.

“The whiskies that we have really are special in every way. When we are nosing and tasting them, a lot of the time we’ll hear comments like, ‘you’d never think this was a …’ or, ‘you would never ever put this down as a …’.

“When we choose a whisky, we think, ‘would our members be interested in this and like it?’. A single cask whisky can taste dramatically different from the same distillery’s branded product.

“It can be the difference between night and day – whisky that has been distilled at the same time and put into neighbouring casks for the same length of time can become two very different whiskies, and it is the cask that has done the work.

“That means the proprietary whiskies you buy in a shop are an artefact of the skill of the whisky maker, blending whisky from different casks to create a uniform taste, whereas the Society’s whiskies are one-off, untouched products.

“The wonderful job we have is to say, ‘this is the superb cask as opposed to a good cask’, and we only take the very best.

“That means some Society whiskies are extremely good examples of a distillery’s style, while others may not be at all typical of that distillery or region. Our Tasting Notes will show if it’s one that sings the typical tune or is one that strikes out on its own.”