Outturns are normally released on the first Friday of every month (except November and December where timings can vary). “First Friday” as we call it, is an exciting experience where you can get the latest Society single malts. As bottles can fly off the shelves in minutes, we wanted to help provide members with some top tips to help you make sure you don’t miss out

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Below is a selection of our top tips so that you’re ready for your next Outturn.

Tip 1: Plan ahead 

We release our Outturn alert to help you read through what’s coming up, get your head around the selection of bottlings and make sure you’ve got an idea of what you’re interested in. We provide all the information you could require on cask types, any form of additional maturation, and the whisky’s region and age. The Tasting Notes and bottle names are created by the whisky aficionados on our Tasting Panel – they’re subjective but a great guide on what the palate and nose will offer. 

Tip 2: Buy now, browse later

Adding a bottle to your cart does not guarantee you’ve secured it, only a completed checkout does. Bottles, especially ones with low Outturns or ones that are very desirable, have been known to sell out in minutes. Want to make sure you get the one you’re after? Filter, click, and most importantly checkout as soon as it’s live. If there are other bottles you were looking at and wanted some time to consider, then you can always come back later and get those.  

Tip 3: No distractions. Be ready

Most importantly: make sure you’re logged in already! For most new Outturns we release the new bottles to members at 9am GMT every first Friday of the month. We recommend using a quick computer with a stable internet connection, lock the door, phone on silent, and get ready a few minutes early on the day.  

For extra help, if you’ve missed the bottle you were looking for then don’t despair, visit the bottle’s page and you should see the website’s recommended similar bottlings. Alternatively call the Member Services team on +44 131 555 2929. They are well equipped to give you a special recommendation or help source a great alternative. 

If you’re not in a rush feel free to email the team or use the chat function on the website. All messages we receive will be responded on but bear in mind, it can be difficult to keep up in the rush of an Outturn.