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You’ll see a new look to our website as we kick off the new year. But the ongoing changes we’re making are much more than cosmetic.

Over the past year we’ve been exploring ways to improve your online experience. We are constantly working in the background on our systems and processes, listening to your feedback and acting on your suggestions as best we can.

As well as a new look and a clearer layout, you should see improved mobile browsing, pages loading faster and a more approachable members’ dashboard that will become a focal point for your online experience in the future.

We appreciate there have been some frustrating issues with your online shopping experience that are a priority for us to address. We are focussed on improving our website server capacity at particularly busy periods when we release a new Outturn, and providing a more stable platform so that you can securely add bottles to your basket while you continue shopping or browsing under a fair time limit.

Connections to third parties, whilst are secure, don’t seem to provide the smoothest experience and don’t provide members with all the bells and whistles that online shopping can offer.

The Society is currently reviewing its entire IT infrastructure and we’re looking at delivering new systems that will allow us to better serve members in every way online.

As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, this is not an overnight process. But we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with the changes and give you plenty of opportunities to provide feedback and to help shape things in the way you would want.

Many thanks for your patience and watch this space.