Something special has washed up on SMWS shores this week. It’s with much excitement and anticipation that we reveal The Beachcomber, the latest batch in our blended malts collection

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Patience can be rewarded, whether you’re strolling along a windswept shoreline looking for something interesting that’s washed up on the beach, or whether you’re looking to create a new blended malt whisky with a distinctly coastal flavour profile.

The Beachcomber is the sixth release in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society's blended malts collection.

For Society spirits manager Euan Campbell, that was the mission – and his persistence in finding the perfect recipe for The Beachcomber finally paid off.

“I was looking to our Oily & Coastal flavour profile for inspiration, and decided to experiment with malts that displayed classic coastal characteristics,” he says. “I explored our warehouse and identified a selection of first-fill bourbon barrels from both the Campbeltown and Highland regions as our blending ingredients.

“After creating and assessing a number of different recipes, we finally settled on the 12th one. It sits at the lighter end of our Oily & Coastal flavour profile, with just the slightest hint of peat behind a boatload of fruit and coastal evocations – ideal to give you a glimmer of sun in the middle of winter, and also a ready-to-go dram for your hipflask.”

SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell was looking to our Oily & Coastal flavour profile for inspiration for The Beachcomber.

The recipe was enthusiastically received by the Tasting Panel and The Beachcomber was born. Our sixth blended malt Scotch whisky release is 7-years-old, bottled at 50% abv and there are 1,995 bottles in the Outturn.

Definitely one to enjoy with your eyes closed while let your mind drift out to sea….

Please note that we expect demand for The Beachcomber to be high so we’ve limited purchases to two per member, so that we can share it with as many as possible. Find out more and place your order at