In this post, SMWS Ambassador Phoebe picks her favourite whiskies from the August Outturn and explains which of the new releases she’ll be enjoying this month.

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My sweet tooth has taken over this month. My top three whiskies are tempting sweet treats, each offering a mix of rich, bold flavours. If you’re not such a fan of sweeter whiskies, fear no, the August Outturn has plenty of whiskies from other flavour profiles for you to try. Here’s what won me over this month…

64.74: What afternoons are made for!cover
15 years, Young & spritely
1st fill barrel, 57.6% ABV

This whisky proves that young whiskies are fantastic. On the nose it’s complex and soft; wine gums and strawberry lips; surrounded by a sweet musk.

On the palate its heat packs a punch but is well balanced by sweet baked flavours – apple pie, freshly baked blueberry muffins and sticky apricot pastries. Ginger, clove and cinnamon follow, providing an invigorating finish. With water everything turns richer and more indulgent –the fruits become juicier and are accompanied by dark chocolate and honey.

DSC_1307[1]37.78: Perfumed elegance
17 years, Deep, rich & dried fruits
Refill hogshead, 48.2% ABV

Pour this into your glass and take a minute to appreciate its deep hue. I believe all whisky deserves time spent on it, but this one is particularly easy on the eye. The tasting panel were spot on when naming this one – it’s elegant and incredibly perfumed on the nose. It’s not overpowering, everything is balanced, from the soft woody notes to the bold leather notes.

On the palate its rich and fruity – apples, pears, plums and red cherries, freshly picked in a wicker basket. With water, it turns to scones smothered in clotted cream and blackberry jam with heady floral notes.

G8.6: Jazzed up banana splitDSC_1313[1]
26 years, Juicy, Oak & Vanilla
Refill hogshead, 48.2% ABV

Regular readers of the blog will probably know I’m a fan of grain whiskies. And this one didn’t disappoint! On the nose it’s a wonderful mix of wood shavings, sweet tinned fruits (peach and pineapple) and Potpourri.

On the palate it became much sweeter – Scottish tablet, Madagascan vanilla ice cream with buttery popcorn. This is followed by a livelier finish of ginger, peppermint and liquorice tea and chilli heat. A few drops of water mellows out the spice, letting the herbal flavours come to the front. The sweetness becomes even more syrupy – pancakes with maple syrup, baked banana and toffee sauce.

All of the bottlings released in the August Outturn are available for members to buy. The August Outturn goes on-sale Friday 5 August, available online and at the SMWS venues. Learn more about the SMWS flavour profiles here.

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