Getting ready for the big day? We’ve got all the variety you could ask for in this pre-Christmas Outturn, with something for everyone no matter where or how you’re bringing in the holiday season and looking ahead to Hogmanay

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The countdown to Christmas is on, and if you’re still thinking about the perfect whisky or gift for yourself or someone else, we’ve got you covered.

Our new December Outturn has landed, with 25 new single cask offerings, as well as five specially selected Festive Bundles. We’ve done the hard work for you by wrapping up these parcels of After Dinner Delights, a Fairy-tale Pair, For the Love of Peat Trio, Festive Feast Case and Christmas in Jerez.

Our spirits manager Euan Campbell knows what he wants in his stocking. “Cask No. G6.9: Listening to the frog chorus is an amazing whisky, which the judges at the Luxury Masters named as the ‘Taste Master’ best-in-show bottling across all spirit categories in the recent competition. The accolade is well deserved for this 38-year-old single grain dram, which demonstrates the Society’s approach to cask management.

“After 36 years in an ex-bourbon hogshead, we decided to transfer the whisky into a second-fill toasted oak hogshead that had previously matured another Society whisky. Given the fact it had a really active first fill, we wanted to use this for an older whisky where it would contribute a lot of flavour, but still respect the age and character that was already in the whisky. The result speaks for itself, pulling in a lot of the deeper tropical elements that you find in well-aged grain and with an elegant mouthfeel helped by the toasted oak hoggie. At 46.5% abv, this is superbly mellow and complex. And it’s from a closed distillery!”

We also have a nice variety of drams from our Deep, Rich and Dried Fruits flavour profile, continuing our offering of indulgent, comforting whiskies to help you through the winter. In this Outturn we have everything from Cask No. 46.83: Spicy berries and sour cherries, a 26-year-old Speysider that spent its last two years in a first-fill port barrique, to Cask No. 44.116: Pirate ship in a storm, also from Speyside but aged in a second-fill oloroso butt. Even at 8-years-old, this one’s bursting with rich fruits, nutmeg and cloves. Both are the kind of foody drams that are sure to go down a treat at Christmas time.

Delving deeper into the diversity of sherry cask maturation, check out Cask No. 10.183: Velociraptor vs Xenomorph. This has a fantastic interplay between the coastal character of the Islay distillate and its old-school sherry butt – as our Tasting Notes describe it, ‘a monstrous battle between the seashore and the sherry cask, with no clear victor’. Cask No. 1.218: Dessert triptych: Hessian meringue is another compelling bottling, aged in a refill oloroso butt that’s given it less sweetness and more of a Spicy & Dry flavour profile.

If something from our Peated flavour profiles is more your thing, we can offer you fantastic examples from not only Islay but the Highlands, Campbeltown and Speyside, across a wide range of ages and intensities. Our youngest is Cask No. 29.266: Converting vegetarians, a Peated flavour profile 8-year-old Islay bottling, through to the Lightly Peated 14-year-old Cask No. 135.16: Flavoursome and fabulous, from just over the Highland line. Different regions, different cask sizes, different fills – the potential to compare and contrast is unrivalled.

The holiday season is also the perfect time of year to dive into our Single Cask Spirits collection, with two outstanding cognacs in Cask No. C8.1: Midnight special and C5.4: Hothouse splendour, offering everything you’d appreciate of well-aged cognacs, a buttery rancio vibe and memories of our visits to damp earthen-floored warehouses in Cognac. And for an absolute stunner of an armagnac, take a look at Cask No. A6.1: Candlelit dinner in a 2CV – a superb example of rare, smaller-scale farm produced armagnac from a 1989 vintage, and with a fantastic name as well.