Congratulations – you’ve done the gift shopping, wrapped the presents and made it to Christmas Day in one piece. Now you really deserve a drink…but what one?

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Finally…the big day is here, and you might even get the chance to relax, even if it’s only briefly. The important thing is to make the most of whatever opportunities come your way, and that means making sure you drink the right whisky at the right time during the day.

At the Society, of course, there’s a huge choice, with a range of 12 flavour profiles providing drams that would work well as aperitifs, digestifs or even to go with your dinner itself.

SMWS ambassador Alan Wood recommends a whisky from our Light & Delicate flavour profile to waken up the palate in preparation for the feast ahead. For the main course, you need something to stand up to the mix of flavours on your plate.

“What you want is something a bit spicier and flavourful, to contrast with the flavours of the turkey,” says Alan. “Something from our Spicy & Dry flavour profile is a brilliant choice, such as Cask No. 35.194 A composition in wood. It’s got loads of flavour, it’s got a full-on intensity hit, but it also has a nice finish that won’t overpower any bread or cranberry sauce you’re having with the bird.”

What about to round off the meal and ease yourself into the rest of the day, or the evening?

There’s always the option of a whisky from our Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile, with its typical notes of sherry trifle, demerara and sticky toffee pudding. Alan, however, suggests giving the palate a bit of a contrast with a whisky from our Peated profile.

“Dessert is my favourite part of the meal,” says Alan. “And I enjoy it with a peaty whisky, which provides a good balance with the flavours of a Christmas pudding. It also puts a bit of flavour back on your palate after it’s been overloaded with the turkey. And even better – what’s nice is that a whisky from our Peated profile will put a bit of fire back in your soul as well.”

Whatever else you’re up to on Christmas Day – whether it’s an afternoon walk or an evening of party games – we could all do with a bit of fire in our souls.

Cask No. 35.194: A composition in wood is available as part of our Spicy Festive Pair offer, along with Cask No. 68.10: Delicious, delightful, decadent!

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