After meeting with our members’ approval, the Society is delighted to announce the release of our second batch of blended malt whisky

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When The Scotch Malt Whisky Society released its first ever blended malt whisky* late last year, we put it out for our members’ approval.

We’re delighted to say the feedback to our departure from single cask, single malt was so positive – and bottles snapped up so quickly – that we are now proud to present Exotic Cargo Two.

For those of you lucky enough to try the first bottling, you can expect more of the same, but with even more richness after 11 years of maturation, an extra year since Exotic Cargo One was bottled.

“Exotic Cargo Two is also from a selection of first-fill Spanish oak hogsheads,” says SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell.

“We selected these casks for blending due to the intensity of their sherry influence, giving this 11-year-old blended malt an added richness and an even longer finish. As with our previous bottling, Exotic Cargo 2 is bottled at 50% abv to deliver what we feel is the optimum strength and balance.”

The Tasting Notes for Exotic Cargo Two describe a “sumptuous nose…a banana sprinkled with brown sugar and gleefully blowtorched”, a palate that is “dense and chocolatey”, giving it “a beautiful and curiously old-school aspect to the sherry”.

We trust that this second release meets with as much approval as our first trip into unchartered territory.

Exotic Cargo Two is available now online

*Blended malt whisky refers to a combination of single malts, married together from more than one distillery. Unlike a blended whisky, a blended malt whisky does not contain any grain whisky. Prior to 2009, blended malts were sometimes also referred to as vatted or pure malts, but those terms are no longer permitted by the Scotch Whisky Association.