Each month our ambassador Phoebe picks her favourite whiskies from the new Outturn. Here are her favourites from the summery June Outturn.

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Who says you can’t enjoy a dram in the summertime? This month’s Outturn celebrates the perfect whiskies for drinking in the sunshine. After last month’s peaty picks, I’m in the mood for rich, sweet treats this month.

36.100: Aristocratic pretensions
18 years, Sweet, fruity & mellow

This dram has a wonderful sweet nose of fluffy pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Brown sugar and sweeties follow – apple bonbons and pear-drops. On the palate it’s cleaner than expected – green tea served with a slice of fresh lemon and a spoonful of honey. A very rejuvenating whisky! A little water brings out cherry bakewell tarts, lemon drizzle cake and tinned pineapple.

2016-05-31 11.34.20G4.8: Spinning honey
36 years, Sweet, fruity & mellow

This wonderful single cask grain whisky does little to dissuade me that grains are so often overlooked. It’s raw and powerful nose catches my attention immediately. It’s jars of sweet honey sitting on a freshly varnished worktop. On the palate it’s coconut oil combined, vanilla lip balm combined with a burst of baking spices. With water the vanilla is released even more prominently – it reminds me of a yummy Portuguese egg pie.

5.50: Golden Delicious
15 years, Juicy, oak & vanilla

One the nose I was transported to a bakery – it’s milk chocolate chip cookies, shortcake biscuits and apple pie, fresh from the oven. On the palate is was fresh and clean, like a fruit salad of honeydew melon, sliced green apples and green grapes. The finish is fizzy and incredibly refreshing. With water it became creamier and the scent of a fresh spring posy appeared.

42.24: The bee’s knees… 2016-05-31 11.16.59-2
9 years, Lightly peated

This whisky immediately caught my attention – it was sweet, salty and even offered a hint of peat. On the nose it’s reminiscent of sugary churros dipped in
melted dark chocolate – a dessert I thoroughly enjoy! The taste is everything you expect from the nose and more – it’s a grand whisky, there’s nothing shy about it and it’s all the more delicious for it. With water it loses its bite but is still thoroughly enjoyable.

All of the bottlings released in the June Outturn are available for members and non-members to buy. The June Outturn goes on-sale Friday 3 June, available online and at the SMWS venues. Learn more about the SMWS flavour profiles here.