We’re all about whisky – but at Christmas time, there should also be room for the rum. The Society has just released a new batch of stunning rums in our Single Cask Spirits collection, with something for everyone

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As our rum ambassador Ian Burrell says, the best mixer for your rum is good company, and if you’re looking to get that holiday vibe going this festive season — no matter what the weather’s like outside — we have a selection of single cask rums to help with that.

With a new release of bottlings from Barbados, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Panama, the range of styles runs from sweet to smoky to a little funky. All the rums are all bottled at cask strength and work either for sipping or in a cocktail.

“There’s a style of rum for every whisky lover, whatever style of spirit you enjoy,” says Ian Burrell. “If you’re into big smoky peaty styles of whisky, go straight to one of the robust Jamaican bottlings. If you like a lighter, fruity Speyside, then go for a rum from Barbados. And if you want something a little more subtle, go for a Latin American style such as a bottling from Panama.”

Ian’s other tips?

“Turn the heating up and put some good tunes on!”

Get your party started with the Society’s single cask rums at www.smws.com/single-cask-spirits/rum

San Cristobal: the perfect Christmas cocktail

The Society’s single cask rums are perfect for sipping or for putting together a Christmas cocktail.

The SMWS team at our Kaleidoscope Whisky Bar at Devonshire Square in London joined forces to come up with this one, the San Cristobal – named after one of the most active volcanos in Nicaragua, and which erupted the same year this bottling was distilled.

“R8.4 Campfire in Nicaragua is a full-bodied rum with hints of smoke and chilli,” says SMWS ambassador Jamie Meehan. “That means it works beautifully in this cocktail, as it’s complemented by the herbal notes of the Fernet and the nutty sweetness of the maple syrup. The citrus peel finish on R8.4 is also brought to the front by a zest of orange.”

We asked Dylan Carney at The Vaults to show us how it was done, in seven easy steps.

1. Pour 35ml of R8.4 Campfire in Nicaragua into your mixing glass

2. Add one bar spoon of maple syrup

3. Add splash of Fernet Branca

4. Stir the ingredients

5. Serve in a chilled Nick & Nora cocktail or martini glass

6. Garnish with orange zest

7. Enjoy!