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Stocking up your drinks cabinet in preparation for Christmas Day is just as important as stocking your fridge. Each round of food or festive snack deserves a perfectly paired beverage. In this post, we’ve put together a guide to matching food and whisky throughout the festivities.

The Whisky Aperitif

Do things a little differently this year. Put the bubbly away and serve a dram of whisky as an alternative aperitif and get everyone in the mood for a hearty Christmas meal.

Look for crisp, dry flavours that leave the palate feeling clean and awakened. Whiskies from the flavour profiles Young & spritely and Spicy & dry will work nicely.

Recommended whiskies:
36.107 An Afghani at the barbersYoung & spritely
64.78 Like an American fruit punchSpicy & dry

The Whisky To Have With Christmas Dinner

A traditional Christmas dinner is a myriad of flavours. Meaty, salty flavours (roasted turkey, pigs in blankets) are paired with creamy and sweet root vegetables (roast potato, honey glazed parsnips and carrots).

A soft creamy whisky with some sweetness will work well with the salty, meaty flavours. It will also bring the savoury flavours together while enhancing the sweet notes in the root vegetables and rich, sticky glazed meat.

Whiskies from the Juicy, oak & vanilla and Sweet, fruity & mellow flavour profiles will work well.

Recommended whiskies:
9.105 Soft, easy, sweet and attractive – Juicy, oak & vanilla
50.85 Conversations with my sonSweet, fruity & mellow

The Whisky To Have With Dessert

Whether your dessert is traditional Christmas pudding or a chocolate yule log, you need to select a sweeter whisky to work with it. Desserts are always tricky to pair with spirits as the sugar can overwhelm anything that isn’t equally as sweet. Look for whiskies in the Deep, rich & dried fruits and Spicy & sweet flavour profiles.

Being sugary and viscous, grain whiskies are perfect when paired with dessert. However, there’s no denying the power of a heavily sherried whisky served with a large helping of rich Christmas pudding.

Recommended whiskies:
G7.10 Texan tea partySpicy & sweet
39.135 Magical and heavenlyDeep, rich & dried fruits

The Whisky Digestif

After a huge meal you’ll be in need of something to cleanse and reinvigorate your palate. After so many flavours, you’ll need something bold, rich and complex. At this point in the day you’ll be able to truly appreciate a whisky that changes with time – this is when you should reach for a bottle from the Old & dignified flavour category. Spend some time enjoying the tropical, oaky notes that often appear with these whiskies.

For peat fans, there is no better time to enjoy a whisky from the Peated or Heavily peated flavour profile than as an after-dinner dram. Let the thick, heavy smoke coat your palate and leave a lasting reminder of a day well spent.

If you’re feeling in the mood for something a little different, why not try a single cask cognac. The Society’s C3.1 A fragrant ramble is its oldest single cognac release to date and the perfect way to celebrate the end of a very special day.

Recommended whiskies:
30.90 – Juicy fruit and perfumed sweetness – Old & Dignified
C3.1 A fragrant rambleOld & Dignified
29.199 Eureka momentPeated