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Christmas might be a time of year for the suspension of disbelief, as Santa flies across the sky, dispensing presents down the chimneys to all the good little boys and girls.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has its own special contribution for the festive season, but you don’t have to believe in the magical or supernatural to be able to get your hands on a precious bottle of Peat Faerie Batch 4.

The latest offering is the fourth in the Society’s ongoing series of blended malt whiskies, following on from Exotic Cargo Batches 1 and 2 and the first Peat Faerie release in August.

As a blended malt, Peat Faerie Batch 4 is also a combination of single malts, married together from more than one distillery. Unlike a blended whisky, a blended malt whisky does not contain any grain whisky. (Prior to 2009, blended malts were sometimes also referred to as vatted or pure malts, but those terms are no longer permitted by the Scotch Whisky Association.)

The single malts in Peat Faerie Batch 4 come from both barrels and hogsheads from Islay and Speyside. While the first Peat Faerie was 10-years-old, this bottling is a 7-year-old recipe, born from the Tasting Panel’s sampling of a number of blended recipes at different proportions, strengths and ages. Some of the younger blends were among the highest scoring, resulting in this marriage with a stronger Islay influence than its older namesake. Batch 4 has also been reduced to 50% abv to achieve the optimum drinking strength.

SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell has ramped up the Islay influence in Peat Faerie Batch 4.

“With Peat Faerie Batch 4, I wanted to ramp up the peat a little,” says SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell. “I did this by selecting younger Islay whiskies where the peat was really full on.

“The Speyside whiskies are a couple of years older and provide a fruity counterpoint to the salty, smoky, almost nutty edge of the Islay. There’s also a higher Islay malt content in this batch. It’s ideal for cold winter evenings.”

We only have 2,172 bottles of Peat Faerie Batch 4 available globally and we expect them to fly out the door pretty quickly – so grab one while you can, especially if you enjoy a bit of peat in your winter warmer drams.

Check out Santa’s little helper, SMWS ambassador Fin Anderson, as he introduces Peat Faerie Batch 4 from The Vaults