The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is, and always will be, about sourcing and offering to members the best single cask whisky in the world. But we also have an enduring passion to seek out the finer things in life, resulting in our soon-to-be-released Single Cask Spirits collection

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The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was founded by characters with a spirit of curiosity, who went to great lengths to source single cask whisky when no-one else was doing it. Now, the SMWS is continuing that quest to source the finest things in life, with the release of a new range of Single Cask Spirits.

The collection will initially feature cognac, rum and gin – with more to come, and builds on previous bottlings released by the Society over the years, with our occasional non-Scotch whiskies and different spirits.

New-look bottle

The Single Cask Spirits collection is launching in a new-look bottle, with a distinguished grey label and distinctive logo. The spirits inside are the result of forging relationships with the craftsmen in each of the categories, to bring members the finest, rarest and most intriguing bottlings.

“Our Single Cask Spirits are the consequence of a collaboration between the most creative and skilled distillers, a carefully selected team of category ambassadors who are experts in their fields, and our own Tasting Panel – which is always the final voice when it comes to assessing and approving a bottling to ensure quality,” says Kai Ivalo, spirits director at SMWS. “We are putting the same level of dedication into sourcing each of our Single Cask Spirits bottlings as we do with our whiskies, to provide members with an exceptional experience.”

Rare and exclusive

Every offering in the Single Cask Spirts collection is, as with the Society’s single cask whisky, rare and exclusive. Each bottling will be limited to the amount of spirit from a single cask, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. But there will always be a new offering to explore – and some intriguing experiences along the way.

The Single Cask Spirits collection goes on sale on the First Friday Outturn in August. For more information and updates in the meantime, keep checking