At the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, we love to hear from our members. This summer, we undertook our most extensive member survey to date, asking for your thoughts on what the Society means to you.

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We want members to know that we heard you loud and clear, and you will now begin seeing some changes to address the points raised.
Unsurprising, one of the most valued benefits of being a member of the Society was said to have exclusive access to exceptional single cask whiskies. As a result, we have taken the opportunity to review who can purchase our whiskies, and have taken the decision to remove the ‘Sample Subscriber’ membership category.

Sample Subscriber was a free membership option which allowed customers to purchase whisky without a membership fee, but at a cost 30 per cent higher per bottle than the member price. However, to preserve the exclusive nature of the Society, and further ensure members’ access to the bottles they desire, we will be removing this option from Tuesday 26 September.

The result will be that only full members of the Society will have the ability to purchase our whiskies and spirits. Specified gifting items only – such as gift memberships and tasting glasses – will be available to non-members.

Where our venues allow non-members (Kaleidoscope at 28 Queen Street in Edinburgh and Kaleidoscope at Devonshire Square in London), guest visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a limited selection of bottles for trial, but only after a period of member-exclusivity has expired.

We strive to continually evolve and improve to keep providing our valued members the service they desire as a part of our whisky-loving community, and we hope these changes meet with your approval.