It’s time to start thinking about Christmas with the Society’s bumper Outturn of single cask, single malts. Here’s what’s in store…

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Whatever your festive plans are, when it comes to finding the perfect whisky the Society has got you covered with our November Outturn.

From classic sherried drams to big hits of peat – or something completely different – we have a dram for everyone.

To help you navigate so many choices, we’ve divided the Outturn into four categories:


GET THE PARTY STARTED Spark conversation and good times with this vibrant selection of party drams 

ENTERTAINING GIFTS Charming characters and whimsical whiskies that would make great gifts

SUPERSTAR BUYS Heavenly whiskies at star prices, buy between £40 and £55 

INDULGENT TREATS From rich comforting drams to pleasure-seeking peat, these whiskies bring sheer indulgence 

We asked some of our staff for a recommendation from each category, and these are their picks:


James Quaile, The Vaults

Cask No. 55.50: Biscuit bites

We all remember parties being filled with iced party rings, marshmallows on sticks, bowls of gummy sweets and cake with too much icing! 55.50: Biscuit bites reminds me of just that. Take this bottle to a party and let the sugar rush take over. Some single cask whisky comes with drinking instructions, but this dram goes with anything – water, ice, sofa, neat. A great intro into the world of SWMS single cask malt whisky. Let the party begin!

James Quaile at The Vaults.
James Quaile at The Vaults.
Andrew Park, Member Services team.
Andrew Park, Member Services team.


Andrew Park, Member Services team

Cask No. 11.37: Cake or death

This dram reminds me of long autumn hikes through the damp grass and leaves with a sharp spearmint breeze in the face. The best part, after coming off the trail, is cosying up in a traditional pub beside the open log fire, scoffing down a high tea and hot chocolate. Once complete, the only motivation to get home is to relax with a dram of this while the roast finishes off in the oven. A perfect day in liquid form.


François Guillemet, 28 Queen Street

Cask No. G10.16: Touched by Midas

At Christmas, most folk I know are quite impatient to try new whiskies with me. Trouble is, every year I need to outperform myself without breaking the bank! This bourbon cask will please most palates, with fruity notes of green apples balanced with a rich dollop of crème anglaise, honeycomb and cinnamon sweetness. A safe bet in appearance, as a grain whisky it will also bring a hint of controversy and fuel conversation. And at such a venerable age, I’m confident I can rally everyone to the cause.

Francois Guillemet, 28 Queen Street.
Francois Guillemet, 28 Queen Street.
Jo Wilson, The Vaults.


Joanne Wilson, The Vaults

Cask No. 35.222: A fruity anomaly

This reminds me of stirring cinnamon sticks into a pot of simmering rose water, while snacking on roasted figs and sipping kirsch and brandy. The palate builds to baked plum and pecan pie, Lindt chilli dark chocolate, carrot cake and a delectable finish of wine-soaked pipe tobacco with light smoke and raspberry jam on chocolate. This is a cracking, approachable yet complex dram from our Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile, and at this price, definitely worth snapping up.

If you need any more guidance, check out this presentation by Fin Anderson, ambassador at The Vaults, with his top picks.

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