A message to all members about how we can improve our offering of special release bottlings

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We know that we cannot continue with our online experience, and that Friday’s festival release was disappointing and frustrating for all. We have outgrown our system, with so many members trying to buy at once it locked our database, causing problems with updates across the site. We have a new website planned but unfortunately this cannot happen until later this year. In the meantime, we are looking at workable actions to make purchasing fairer and less stressful, such as a queuing system.


This does raise the question of what to do with our special releases, as there will always be an increased demand for these. Should we make all releases available only through a ballot system or do we only offer them as smaller bottles or minis as part of our tasting Discovery Packs?

We’d like to explore a range of different ideas and it would be good to get your thoughts. How would you feel about a queuing system, and what are your views on the future of our special releases? All member ideas and feedback will be most welcome as we put a plan together for the future.

Please be aware that some suggestions might present other challenges and we will consider everything collectively. Before we make any final decisions, there will be a wider member survey – more details to follow in due course.


At the moment we’re gathering member feedback and ideas, be sure to email us by Monday, 1 June when we’ll be meeting to discuss and pull together our own thoughts. We will share these with you by email on Monday, 8 June. This will then be followed up by a wider survey on Monday, 15 June where all members will be asked for their preference in a shortlist of options. We will share the results on Monday, 22 June along with our actions for the future.


Mon 1:                 Deadline for all member initial feedback and thoughts

Mon 8:                SMWS thoughts for the future shared via member email

Mon 15:              Member survey shared with shortlist of suggestions

Mon 22:              Member results and SMWS future actions


If you have any feedback or would like to contribute any thoughts we should consider please contact us via feedback@smws.com