The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has added a new number to our roster of releases, with the first ever bottling from this distillery in the heart of the United States’ Pacific Northwest

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The addition of a new number to the Society’s long list of illustrious codes is always cause for celebration – even more so when it’s a distillery far from Scotland that’s been inspired by Scotch but producing a spirit with its own distinctive character.

Cask No. 133.1: Speakeasy sneaky peeky is an unpeated US single malt whiskey and the oldest release from this distillery to date, having spent five-years in heavy char slow growth new American oak.

The distillery uses a recipe of five malts, predominantly a pale two-row distillers malt along with four other roasted and kilned barley malts, including pale chocolate. The sweet wort is fermented over the course of five days using Belgian Saison Brewer’s yeast.

The whiskey is matured in racked warehouses and Cask No. 133.1: Speakeasy sneaky peeky is bottled at 56.8% abv.

The Society’s Tasting Panel found the nose bright and welcoming, with fragrant flower meadows, marzipan, nougat and pear ice-lolly sweetness, suggestions of citrus and a pepper-mill twist. Water brought out sherbet lemons, Refreshers and apple turnovers, putty and pistachio.

The palate has a very pleasant sweet vibe – marzipan petits fours, Haribos and pear dessert, but behind that there’s a nip of chilli, ginger and nutmeg. Adding water promotes the fruit flavours and achieves an alluring and amusing tart and sweet balance – strawberry Starburst, pomegranate, melon, apple and pear, with subtle hints of laurel leaf and lime – easy drinking but fun.

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