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There are lots of reasons why I think whisky is the ultimate gift for Valentine’s Day. Firstly, it’s a spirit made to be enjoyed with company. Secondly, it’s a very personal gift to both give and receive. From the tasting note to the date it was distilled – there are so many ways that whisky can strike a chord. And of course, we’ve not even considered flavour yet, which is incredibly personal.

Are you looking to buy your loved one a whisky but you don’t know where to start? We’re here to help with our ultimate guide to buying whisky for your Valentine.

The whisky to buy…when you’re in a new relationship

There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a new relationship. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together as a couple then don’t let it go unnoticed. Pick light, subtle flavours that don’t overwhelm the palate. Hints of sharp fruits and sweet floral notes are a must when celebrating young love. Look for whiskies from the Young & spritely flavour profile.

Recommended whiskies:
48.86 Floralicious
54.43 Fresh and fruity frolics

The whisky to buy…when you’re the secret admirer

If you’re planning on being mysterious and buying for your crush, you need something that stands out. After all, you might not be their only secret admirer. Stave off the competition with a memorable whisky that won’t be forgotten. Look for luxurious aromas and rich, complex flavours. Whiskies from the Deep, rich & dried fruits or the Spicy & sweet flavour profiles will be ideal here.

Recommended whiskies:
7.146 Orange Velvet
35.159 Waves of intensity

The whisky to buy…your long-time love

When you’ve been together for a long time, it can be easy to pass Valentine’s Day by without a second glance. This year, be sure to enjoy some quality time together, even if that means curling up on the sofa with a film and a good dram of whisky. Pick an appropriately romantic whisky by looking for juicy flavours with heaps of sweetness. Easy drinking whiskies from the Juicy, oak & vanilla or Sweet, fruity & mellow flavour profiles work well.

Recommended whiskies:
7.130 Musky, floral, sweet perfumes
64.49 Sweet sensuous indulgence

The whisky to buy…when you’re planning a grand gesture

Planning to make the ultimate grand gesture this Valentine’s Day? In that case you’ll need a whisky that makes a statement. Call on oaky, musky and heady aromas that will leave a lasting impression. Go for a whisky from the Old & dignified flavour profile and spend a good deal of time enjoying the complex flavours as they unfold.

Recommended whiskies:
7.154 Stylish and vibrant
30.90 Juicy fruit and perfumed sweetness

The whisky to buy…the one that hates Valentine’s Day

Does your loved-one simply hate Valentine’s Day? Does the holiday conjure up thoughts of saccharine displays of love that they can’t stomach? Convince them just how great the occasion is by treating them to a whisky they will be eternally grateful for. Look for bold and clean flavours with minimal sweetness. Peated and Oily & coastal flavour profiles work well.

Recommended whiskies:
3.296 Elegance and power
93.71 Nautical but nice

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