Our bottles might all look pretty much the same, hiding their delights behind green glass and displaying identical curved shoulders on the shelf. But pop the cork and you soon discover an infinite range of characters bursting to get out and express themselves

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To help navigate the range of bottles in our Members’ Rooms or in any Outturn, we developed 12 unique flavour profiles to narrow down your search for something to suit your own tastes. Each one of the 12 categories broadly encompasses the various characteristics and personalities of our whiskies, from the Young & Spritely to Old & Dignified ages we bottle at, or to help you trace your way from Light & Delicate drams to our punchy Heavily Peated bottlings.

Society bottles all have the same green shape, but are categorised into 12 flavour profiles.

And in this month’s Outturn, we’re celebrating the diversity of Society whiskies with bottlings from every one of the flavour profiles – something to suit every member’s tastes and personality.

“When we developed our 12 flavour profiles, we felt that grouping the whiskies by region wasn’t actually that useful,” says SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell. “Because of the unique nature of single casks, we’ll very frequently bottle whiskies that don’t fit in with the regional stereotype, let alone match that specific distillery’s standard profile. By grouping bottlings together under categories that actually tell you something about their character, we’re also encouraging people to try whiskies from regions they may not have previously considered.”

SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell says the Society's flavour profiles are broad strokes, designed to inspire you to sample different flavour characteristics.

As Euan says, the 12 flavour profiles are deliberately broad strokes. Describing exactly what makes a whisky special is still the job of the Tasting Notes. And just as everyone labelled as a teenager is unique in their own right, so every bottling within each of our flavour profiles also has its own distinct personality – just like every one of our members.

Which one are you? Perhaps you’re the Refined, refreshing and redolent (Spicy & Sweet) type, or maybe more of a Succulent, scintillating and substantial (Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits) character. Are you the kind of person who dreams of spending A morning at the beach (Oily & Coastal), or would you rather relax in Princes Street Gardens in summer? (Sweet, Fruity & Mellow)

Like our intriguingly named whiskies, we’re all different, complex personalities. You might have an expectation of what’s in store, but there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by spending some quality time together. When you make a new acquaintance, it’s even more rewarding to share your discovery. Enjoy your introductions…

Find your own whisky with character

Visit www.smws.com or your local Society website to explore your own selection of drams from across our 12 flavour profiles, and find out more about our Whisky with Character here. You can also download your own Society flavour profile chart to print out and use at home HERE.