As the big day draws ever closer, the inevitable family get-together is looming. So what whiskies should you serve with those pre or post-dinner nibbles?

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The table is set, the relatives are arriving, and some pre-dinner drinks and snacks are in order to get the party started. But what whiskies should you be serving up?

The Society’s variety of single cask whiskies and single cask spirits can provide the perfect accompaniments for whatever nibbles and snacks you’re serving.

Here are some of our suggestions:

SNACK: Nuts or cheese and oatcakes

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Juicy, Oak & Vanilla or Light & Delicate

Go for one of our lighter flavour profiles at the start of your party, with a delicate dram to stimulate the palate and provide the perfect pairing for a selection of nuts or some cheese and oatcakes.

SNACK: Olives, nuts

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Single cask armagnac

The richer, deeper notes of the Society’s single cask armagnac are perfect for Christmas, with hints of cinnamon, clove and warming spice matching beautifully with your olives and nuts.

SNACK: Cured meats, chocolate

FLAVOUR PROFILE: Old & Dignified or Deep Rich & Dried Fruits

These decadent flavour profiles work just as well before or after dinner, either with a selection of cured meats or when you break open the Christmas chocolate after your feast and put your feet up.

Here’s SMWS ambassador Alan Wood with his advice on surviving the Christmas family get-together, with a selection of whiskies and nibbles to see you through: