We understand that there have been frustrations among our members about the online shopping experience on the Society’s website. Will Richardson, our head of digital marketing, answers some of your questions

Reading Time: 2 minutes

You announced a new website, but the same problems seem to be recurring when it comes to the online shopping experience. What’s going on?

Although our website is visually different, the system and buying experience itself haven’t changed (yet!) but more substantial website changes are part of a larger ongoing project we’re undertaking. The first part of this was to change the look and feel of the website to help you find your way around the site and improve your browsing experience. Most of these changes were cosmetic, so unfortunately some background problems remain. We are in the process of upgrading our ecommerce system, but this is not an overnight procedure as it relies on a lot of our other IT systems needing to be reworked first.

Why don’t you have a basket timer function on the website?

We have trialled a few systems to allow you to put bottles in your shopping basket while you continue to browse the rest of the Outturn. However, the basket timer systems crash the website and unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix to add this feature back in. It’s on our to do list and will be included in the new ecommerce website when we know it can be launched safely.

What’s the best way for members to make sure we can buy the bottles we want when using the website?

Our top tips are to make sure you know what you want, be ready at 9am for our First Friday Outturn release, and don’t hesitate! We’ve written a handy guide to help you secure your bottles and make the most of our monthly Outturns. Read more here

When can we expect a better ecommerce experience?

We expect this later in the year and look forward to providing early access for your feedback.

Why does it take longer for Society bottlings to be delivered than other companies, and why is there a lack of information around deliveries?

We work with an external warehousing company who are under a lot of pressure with Covid-19 and working with a skeleton crew. Our systems are being upgraded to make sure we pass information to them as quickly as possible but outside of this we are reliant on the team being able to pick, pack and dispatch orders quickly. DPD is our courier partner in the UK and we are fully integrated with them. DPD should provide all order updates to you as they would for other clients. Make sure your mobile number and email are up to date in your account, and thank you for your patience during this challenging time. We’re doing everything we can to get our whisky to you as soon as we can!