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Flavour Behaviour

Thank you for taking our flavour survey

Find your whisky flavours

We believe the best way to enjoy whisky is to focus on its flavour and not where it’s from. For that reason we’ve developed 12 flavour profiles to help our members find their taste preference. Each of our whisky profiles has its own colour, to find the whiskies in your Flavour Behaviour result, simply look for the colours and descriptions in our online shop

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Our Single casks

We do whisky a little differently. We only bottle from single casks. Each cask is unique and by definition a limited edition. This does mean our bottles can sell out fast, you may not find the lead flavour from Flavour Behaviour results, which is why we’ve given you 3 flavours to explore. Why not explore all 12 of our whisky flavours? You may discover something new and different.

Edniburgh flavour behaviour events

Throughout the Edinburgh Festival this August we’ll be holding special Flavour Behaviour at 28 Queen Street, sample the whisky flavours matched to you personality.

Event details: Project Flavour Behaviour at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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