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Flavour Foursome

CASK No. 64.112, 44.113, 77.56 & 85.51
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64.112 - The nose started with warm, welcoming kitchen smells (freshly baked banana loaf, French Fancies, Key lime pie, Earl Grey tea) then moved to the garden – floral and herbal, with distant garden shed. The palate offered tropical fruits – pineapple, Um Bongo, maracuja, dried mango, fruit gums and pear drops – the warm finish more loving than assertive. The reduced nose continued sweet and fruity (cakes, 7UP, raspberry sauce on ice-cream) – but now light indications of sawn wood, tobacco leaf and stem ginger in syrup. The palate now had jam tarts and Kriek beer, its warmth becoming more passionate – sugar-coated fennel seed and cinnamon-dusted melon.

44.113 - The nose is immediately fragrant with vapour rubs, crushed aspirin, hessian cloth and tea tree oil. There follows some baked banana, fruit jellies and soft waxes. Water brings toasted pumpkin seeds, lemon jelly, rose petals, toasted hazelnuts, damp earth and pipe tobacco. A vegetal aspect like grilled asparagus emerges with time. The palate is sweet and peachy to begin; notes of banana extract, hardwood resins, dolly mixtures, cough syrup and aniseed balls. Becomes more mentholated and medical with notes of herbal liqueurs and mouthwash. Reduction brings Turkish delight, Fisherman’s Friend menthol lozenges, dried mint and wild blossoms. A lingering sense of sooty fireplaces and warm campfires in the aftertaste.

77.56 - An unusual and striking mix of new shoes, brasso, leather polish, icing sugar dusted cornflakes, lemon balm and new potatoes in butter and chive. In time it becomes gristier with natural vanilla and cooking oils. Reduction brings soft earthiness, mosses, crushed ferns, oatmeal, savoury pastries and buttered toast. There’s also wee glimmers of wild mushroom, sage and struck flints. The palate reveals a gravely minerality with bath salts, sweet fruity chilli, lemon oils, hessian, bitter chocolate, menthol oils and fresh cigarette rolling tobacco. With water there’s dried marjoram, gooseberry tart, various pollens, heather honey, ground ginger and sweetened porridge. Impressive and muscular stuff.

85.51 - A curious nose at first, full of crushed chalk, baking soda, aspirin and carbon paper. A mineralic profile with cut grass, wood glue, fruit-studded Wensleydale cheese, tree bark, white sone fruits and green jelly babies. With water it moves towards shredded wheat and dry cereals with brown sugar, rhum agricole, olive oil, crushed hazelnuts, lemon peel and shoe polish. The mouth is all hay bails, nettle tea and honey-infused porridge at first. An old steamie with plenty of damp sackcloth, camphor and old mead. There’s also a soft waxiness and a few bay leaves. With water there’s lanolin, tinned fruit salads, percy pig sweeties, pine resin and diluted paraffin.