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with character

Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side? This month the Society is all about seeking sensational flavours - paired with a selection of exotic animals.

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TV naturalist and SMWS member Nick Baker loves to make the connection between whisky and wildlife, with many memorable animal encounters linked with his love of a dram.

We asked him to pick out some of his favourite creatures and pair each of them with a suitable Society flavour profile.

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Find your spirit animal

Now you know all about Nick’s selection of exotic wildlife to pair with our 12 flavour profiles, it’s time for YOU to find out what your spirit animal would be. Are you more of a moose, or similar to a salamander?

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Flavour Profiles

Walk on the wild side

Are you seeking out something soft and approachable - or are you up for a more fearsome encounter? Take your pick from out range of flavour profiles.

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What would your ‘spirit animal’ be? SMWS spirits manager Euan Campbell feels more like a house cat. “They really know how to chill out and relax, with the kind of laid-back vibe I love in a Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits flavour profile dram,” he says.

Check out his selection from May’s Outturn, whether you’re looking to curl up at home or transport yourself to a wilder landscape.

Read more and take a look at his picks below:


Proper phenol party


Heavily Peated
6 Years
Cask Type
2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel
Holy smoke! Citrus smoke! Let’s bake a lemon cheesecake in a salmon smoke house! Plenty of peat on the palate neat; smoke, fire and ash! We imagined standing too close to a fire-eater in full action and as a consequence, our hearts certainly missed a beat. When we added water there was at first a phenol rush, followed by sweet pipe tobacco smoke and we finished by either burning driftwood on the beach or grilling fish on an open fire in a frying pan.

On the palate we enjoyed slightly burnt marinated kippers seasoned with freshly ground black pepper.

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Single Cask Spirits

Explore something wild

Take a walk on the wild-side and sample something a little rare and unusual this spring. The Society's Single Cask Spirit Collection promises an untamed diversity of taste experiences to explore.


Berries with attitude


Cask Type
2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel

Freshly cut juniper branches with a delicious, sweet and woody aroma greeted the Panel immediately, combined with the citric scent of lemon rind and orange fruit jellies as well as coriander, aniseed and angelica - a truly ‘old-fashioned’ London Dry style.

On the palate; fresh, sweet spices and seriously lemony with a somewhat dry and herbal finish. With a little water the spices superseded the lemon sweetness at first, although this was soon followed by floral, slightly earthy, notes – like turning the soil in your flowerbed. A very creamy texture now, with lemon ginger spice and a peppery bite of pink peppercorns with that distinguished sweet fruity taste reminiscent of berries with attitude.

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Big and bountiful


Cask Type
2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel
Barrels of burnt sugar, molasses and star anise joined moist tobacco leaves and old dunnage warehouses at the start. Then notes of roast lamb and parsnips evolved into liquorice and muscovado sugar on the palate before a considerable wave of fresh ginger and chillies washed over burnt orange and crème brûlée.

A dash of water uncovered earthy elements of rhubarb and coal bunkers but with large doses of dark treacle, chocolate and Chinese five spice. Finally, herbal notes of rosemary, sage and thyme joined cherry cake before cloves and strong black tea rounded out the finish. After spending five years in an ex-bourbon hogshead this was transferred to a second-fill barrel for the remainder of its maturation.

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Safari Virtual tasting

Join us on a Society safari around the Scottish whisky festivals as we share a live tasting of our celebratory bottlings. We've curated an exclusive Festival Discovery Pack which features five bottlings from Islay, Campbeltown, Speyside and for the first time, the Highlands.

Guided by a Society ambassador, you can enjoy the festival experience with a tasting from your own home using our 25ml drams. Simply purchase your pack now and join us on May 29 to be part of the fun. But be quick, we don't expect these packs to be about for long.

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To long days and
drawn out nights

Next month we’re looking ahead to the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the winter solstice in the south, to celebrate both contrasts and balance in our Society cask whiskies.

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