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Lashes of luxury

CASK No. 46.90, 71.63 & 95.22
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46.90 - An elegant opening with buttermilk, pollens. sandalwood, sweet floral notes, sunflower blossoms, rosewater, trampled ferns, mossy bark, light tobacco, notes, heather ale and fresh lemon peel. Water elevated the cereal aspects and adds dried grass, hay bales, river reeds, fresh figs in muesli, pizza dough, dried herbs and vase water in a greenhouse. The mouth is soft and tingly. Lots of sweet herbal extracts, children's medicines, grapefruit, caramel, lemon barley water, citrus marmalades, pink marshmallow and lighter autolytic notes of fermenting sourdough and tea biscuits. Reduction makes things grassier, more oily and brings notes of clay, juniper, cheeky notes of gin and tonic sorbet and a curious mix of ripe melon and wet dog fur (Border Collie to be precise). Further notes of red apple, star fruit and apricot jam towards the finish.

71.63 - We imagined a Victorian wooden trunk, a vase with freshly cut flowers standing on top and an ornate pewter antique mirror on the wall behind. On the palate neat like creamy coconut and honey porridge followed by golden saffron hot cross buns with strawberry jam. With water a white wine crisp minerality or even the salinity sharpness of a Manzanilla Sherry on the nose. The taste a sweet and salty balance found in party nuts or in canapés of crackers with a salmon caviar cream cheese spread garnished with fresh dill and in the finish refreshing mint chocolate truffles.

95.22This one opened on barley sugar car sweets, pink peppercorns and wild mint according to the panel. They also added river reeds, herbal tobacco, crushed ivy, lemon drizzle cake, tropical trail mix and a ‘slap’ of hessian. Water revealed chamois leather, fermenting wash, damp hay, granola, clover, suncream, green malt and a ‘tube of shuttlecocks’. The palate was fruity and punchy with notes of vanilla essence, pineapple jelly, damp earth, cod liver oil, baked apples and a few white jelly beans. With water the panel found milk bottle sweets, dried papaya, plasticine, lemon tea, gomme syrup and chamomile.