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Playful pair packs a punch

CASK No. 64.115 & 48.108
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64.115 - As dried twigs and leaves crunched beneath our feet on the forest floor, we made our way through the old wood towards the woodcutter's hut. Floral scented aromas came from honeysuckle and a tart fruitiness came from a bush crammed with red berries. On opening the door we were greeted a blast of red chillies followed by creamy vanilla and butter that led into prawn tempura with peanuts and sesame seeds. After a splash of water we ventured away from the green sap of the woods and into summer meadows resplendent in flowers and blackcurrants. On the breeze came a refreshing waft of mint and lemon that touched on tarragon before we concluded our journey with buttered crumpets and cinnamon swirls.

48.108 - All on grappa and cut grass to begin. Then toasted seeds, raw barley, chalk, crushed aspirin and turmeric. Delicate notes of quinine, soft waxes, canvas and sheep wool add complexity. Water brings out old ink wells, fabric, long-cupboarded linen, white flowers, tea tree oil, eucalyptus resin, vase water and carnations. The palate displays a tropical edge at first with notes of white jelly beans, clove oil, honeydew melon, rapeseed oil, mineral aspects, aged Loire chenin blanc, green pepper and mustard powder. Add water and out comes sweet lemon barley water, passion fruit, scone mix, lemon jelly, sweet wort, baking soda and a fizzy yeasty note. Some peppery notes in the finish along with tree bark and earth.