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Steamie Turkish bath

CASK No. 42.37
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Whisky ABV 62.0%
Age 10 years
Distilled Date - - -
Cask Type Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel
Whisky Flavour Young & spritely
Whisky Outturn 1 of 242 bottles
Whisky Region Highland


Some of us found ourselves in a steamie (public wash house) working hard whilst others in a Turkish bath to relax, heal and luxuriate – each to their own, I know where I’d rather be! Never mind the nose but it certainly was invigorating to taste. It ‘electrified the tongue’ with plenty of heat, smoke and ash, but nothing which couldn’t be rectified by adding some water. On the nose now - fruity flavoured fizzy sweets, white chocolate mice and party poppers, whilst on the palate much sweeter with pineapple chunks and chalky peppermint salt water taffy and a fruity slice of malt loaf in the finish.