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‘The Highland Fling’ Discovery Pack

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At the Society, we’ve always been passionate about classifying our single cask whisky through the lens of flavour. Unlike descriptors such as region and distillery – which might not always be typical for a single cask – flavour offers an alternative way to help members navigate our wide range of whiskies, allowing you to uncover your perfect dram.

Our second Discovery Pack ‘The Highland Fling’ is a perfect example of why not to judge a whisky by its cover – or its region. We have curated a selection of five spectacular Highland whiskies, each with its own distinctive flavour profile.

The Highlands of Scotland covers landscape from rugged mountains and ancient pine forests to peaceful lochs and remote islands. That diversity is reflected in the spectrum of flavours from its whisky. Embark on your own flavour journey of the Highlands, from Young & Spritely through to Lightly Peated, in the next edition of our Discovery Pack series.


60.26 - Mojitos and musclerub • Young & Spritely • 2nd fill barrel ex-bourbon • Aged 8 years

13.49 - Apple and olive oil cake • Spicy & Sweet • Refill barrel ex-bourbon • Aged 9 years

121.101 - Honey and vanilla roasted rhubarb • Spicy & Dry • 2nd fill hogshead ex-bourbon • Aged 17 years

52.21 - Tropical breezes fill the sales • Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits • 1st fill hogshead red wine • Aged 15 years

4.235 - Beach bonfire embers • Lightly Peated • Refill hogshead ex-bourbon • Aged 14 years

What are you waiting for? Discovery packs are limited so grab yours now and get your ‘Highland Fling’ underway!