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Demerara deliciousness

CASK No. R2.9
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Whisky ABV 62%
Age 11 years
Cask Type New Oak Barrel
Distilled Date - - -
Whisky Region Guyana


Surprisingly approachable neat with plenty of goodies – candied ginger, strawberry liqueur, coconut powder, rum and raisin ice cream, roasted chestnuts and the list could go on. Smooth on the palate to start with but there was plenty of spicy heat to make you cry (in a good way) – it even had a pan-roasted chicken with pineapple-chilli glaze. Takes water well with plenty of vanilla and coconut next to mangoes and papayas as well as campfire bananas. To taste now, less spice and more fruit combined with a never-ending underlying sweetness. After ten years in an ex-bourbon barrel we transferred this rum into a new oak medium charred barrel.